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Recruitment Information

For any questions regarding recruitment, please contact our Recruitment Chair, Madison McEwen at

What is sorority recruitment?

Sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process between college women and a campus chapter of a National Panhellenic Conference organization. Through the recruitment process, collegiate women meet every chapter on campus to determine the best sorority for them, while each sorority determines to which women they will offer a bid, which is the official invitation to join as a member. You can learn more about the sorority recruitment process at The Sorority Life.

How will I know the best sorority for me?

The great thing about sorority recruitment is that it's designed to help you get to know the entire sorority community on your campus. As you visit each chapter, keep an open mind and be yourself. Every chapter you visit is a new opportunity to talk to and get to know multiple women. Ask questions and learn more about each person, as well as important information about the chapter.

  • What philanthropy do they support?

  • What kind of academic support do they provide?

  • How can I get involved in your organization?

Ask direct questions about the things you value. Finding the best sorority is ultimately up to you. Use your time wisely!

Where do I start?

Panhellenic will inform all potential new members about sorority recruitment events and provide them with the necessary information to help each person find the best sorority fit. 

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