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Florida State’s Zeta Tau Alpha prides itself on its academic achievements. Our chapter has a scholastic program that is designed to support and encourage our members toward academic and career success. Our program features study sessions, scholastic programming, weekly study tips, study buddy groups, and class guides.  Our Academic Achievement Chair, Emma Padgett, encourages and assists new and active members. With the help of her assistants, Lindsey Loheac, Kendall Kovacs, and Bella Armbruster, they help discuss study habits, create chapter GPA goals, and proctor study hours.


We recognize members’ accomplishments weekly with our "Smarty Pants” award. Each week before the chapter, Emma randomly draws from a list of girls who have shown her an assignment they received an A on. The winner then receives a $5 gift card from Starbucks. Smartie Pants is a great academic incentive and our members look forward to hearing who each week's winner is!

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